Our Fees

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

Our clients are never charged a fee for our services unless they are compensated. It is based upon the results we achieve for them, and usually this is a percentage or contingency fee. It’s a good and fair way to be paid for our representation as it allows an average person – already hit hard by losses – to be skillfully represented without paying money upfront.

We believe our attorneys’ fees should be fair and reasonable. Our fees are based on a blend of our experience, skill, knowledge and tireless efforts with another consideration — what we have done for our clients they could not have done on their own? From the first time we talk to you, whether in our offices or any place or time convenient to you, we are focused on one thing — what exactly can Jacobs Law do to help you?

At Jacobs Law, we believe that a contingency fee should fairly fit each and every case. It should consider the result and the skilled efforts needed to reach your final results. We invite you to personally meet with us for a free consultation to understand how we can help you reach your goals. Call 877-418-5589 or contact us online to get started. We want to personally meet you.