halloween accidents October 27, 2017

Top 5 Accidents on Halloween to Avoid

Halloween carries more threats than ghouls, goblins, and a night of frights. In fact, the leading cause of injuries actually comes from the costumes that are worn, and vehicles on the road who are not extra careful to look for all the people out enjoying the festivities. Hospitals are often overwhelmed with patients on Halloween. […]

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product malfunction
October 20, 2017

Who is at Fault for a Product Malfunction?

Sadly, there are many defective products on the market right this very minute. The only problem is, consumers do not know about them yet. These products might injure a few – or dozens – before a recall is issued and manufacturers pull the products from the shelves. When a product malfunction is the cause of […]

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car accident injuries
October 13, 2017

Types of Car Accident Injuries Involved in a Personal Injury Claim

Car accidents that involve minor injuries rarely lead to a personal injury claim. This is because these injuries do not require considerable time off work, have minimal property damage, and the victim of the accident recovers and goes back to his or her life without much disruption.

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haunted house
October 6, 2017

Are Haunted Houses Liable for Injuries?

Haunted houses are an appealing attraction for Halloween, but a legal nightmare for owners and attorneys. Each year, owners of these haunted houses must outdo themselves, which can mean ignoring safety codes to bring in more money and beat the competition. Most haunted houses are harmless, regardless of how fearful their attraction might be. However, […]

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settle out of court
September 20, 2017

5 Advantages to Settling Your Case Out of Court

A clear majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. This is not a fad; instead, it is a strategic move. Settling out of court is beneficial for both parties, and it offers more advantages than litigating a personal injury claim in court. Naturally, your attorney can advise you as to which route […]

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September 17, 2017

Does Your Accident Case Warrant a Lawsuit?

After an automobile accident, you may realize that the injuries and costs are extensive. You could file a claim with the auto insurance company, but will that be enough to cover your losses? When you are injured by someone else in a motor vehicle accident, you will have hospital bills, costs for therapy, and plenty […]

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injured at the gym
September 6, 2017

Premises Liability at the Gym: Who is at Fault?

You go to your local gym or fitness center because you want to stay active and keep in shape. When you go to the gym, you expect to work hard and maybe even feel sore the next day. However, one thing you do not expect is to be injured. Whether it is a faulty treadmill […]

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