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Did your doctor use a Fetal Monitoring Strip During your baby’s delivery? Did your baby suffer a birth injury?

Electronic fetal monitoring allows obstetricians and other medical professionals to view the baby’s heart rate. The fetal monitor is strapped to the mother’s abdomen during labor. It is a vital tool during the labor and delivery process. With the information provided on the fetal monitoring strip, the obstetrician should determine whether the baby is in distress and take appropriate action. Children in distress during labor may need to be delivered via cesarean section or C-section. When those in the delivery room fail to utilize the information provided by the monitor, a baby may go too long without receiving proper amounts of oxygen. This condition, known as fetal hypoxia, can lead to profound brain damage, cerebral palsy, or a host of other tragic conditions.

If your child was severely harmed or died in labor or delivery, your child may have a medical malpractice claim. Jacobs Law, LLC has the experience and resources necessary to help your child get what he or she needs to live the fullest possible life, or in the event of the loss of your child, to compensate for this tragic loss.

Investigating Birth Injuries to Find the Causes of Negligence

Fetal monitoring strips provide a wealth of information to medical professionals. When children suffer brain damage at birth, it may be the result of the hospital staff’s failure to act decisively. When medical providers needlessly delay delivering your child via C-section, severe harm can be the result. Our medical malpractice lawyers will look closely at the evidence, including the fetal monitoring strip, to see whether or not the doctor or nurse acted negligently. If there is evidence of malpractice, we will fight for you and your child.

If your child has suffered severe brain injuries at birth, he or she will need extensive resources to provide for his or her care. Our malpractice attorneys will work with professionals in order to prove exactly what your child will need in the future. Whether your child’s claim is resolved in settlement or trial, you can take comfort in knowing that our law firm understands what is at stake. We will devote all of our efforts to help your child obtain what he or she needs.

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