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In order to be successful, surgeons must have a unique combination of technical skill, extensive training, and focused medical knowledge. It is no wonder that surgeons enjoy a high level of respect and admiration. Unfortunately, some surgeons do not always exercise the proper levels of care when treating a patient. These errors can lead to further injury or problems. In some cases, surgical errors may require additional surgeries in order to correct the surgeon’s error or the original medical problem.
If you have been harmed by surgical malpractice, an experienced malpractice lawyer can be vital in helping you recover full compensation for all of your damages. The surgical and medical malpractice attorneys at Jacobs Law, LLC have helped people across Indiana who have been severely injured as a result of surgical error.

Taking on All Types of Surgical Malpractice

Some forms of surgical malpractice are obvious, such as operating on the wrong body part or leaving surgical instruments inside the body cavity. While these errors are relatively uncommon, they do happen. More commonly, surgeons will unwittingly cut or nick arteries, nerves, or vital organs while operating. Surgeons must take proper precautions to protect these organs. When these errors take place, the surgical team should have procedures in place to effectively address these problems as they happen.

Malpractice can also happen before or after surgery. Patients must be examined prior to surgery to make sure that they remain a viable candidate for surgery. After surgery, the hospital staff and others must take great care to see that the patient recovers safely.

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