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Bicycling is good exercise while also being environmentally friendly. Bicyclists have most of the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Unfortunately, some motorists are unable or unwilling to fully share the road with bicyclists. Too many times, bicyclists are severely injured due to a motorist’s negligent action. Although bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries, bicyclists have no other protections against motor vehicles. Consequently, bicycle injuries can be very severe and can include orthopedic injuries, knee and leg injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

After a bicycle accident, you may have significant medical bills. While you are recovering from your injuries, you may not be able to work. Your injuries can take a severe financial toll in addition to a physical toll. A personal injury lawyer can be crucial to building a strong case for your damages. We are the Indianapolis bicycle accident attorneys of Jacobs Law LLC. We represent people injured in all types of bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Working for People in All Types of Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists can suffer all types of severe injuries due to a motorist’s negligence. For example, cars may sideswipe bicycles when passing them on the road. Cars can turn in front of bicycles, either hitting the bike or causing the bicyclist to take drastic measures to avoid the accident. Drivers in parked cars can open their doors in front of a bicyclist, causing a bike crash. However you were injured, if you were injured by another’s negligence, our law firm will build a strong case designed to help you recover maximum compensation.

Sam Jacobs has practiced personal injury law for 35 years and associate Kimberly Danforth has worked in this field for 15 years. As a result, they have handled a broad range of claims and they understand how to overcome the potential barriers to achieving a successful result.

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