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What is My Case Worth?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Finance

In order to know if you have been offered a “reasonable” settlement by the insurance company, you need to know what your case is really worth. Few people who don’t work in the insurance industry or handle personal injury claims for a living have any idea what the true costs of an injury can be. That’s where an experienced attorney can help. At the law office of Jacobs Law LLC, we have handled hundreds of injury cases over our firm’s more than 25 years of legal service in Indiana. We have represented people with every type of injury: brain injuries and brain damage, spinal cord and back injuries, orthopedic injuries, loss of limbs, fractures, and knee and leg injuries. We work with your physicians to help obtain an accurate understanding of your injuries, reasonable and necessary medical treatment, as well as problems that may develop from these injuries over time. We don’t just watch out for your interests today – we also care about your future. Contact our Indianapolis or Muncie law office to schedule a free consultation, or call us toll free at 317-520-9283. When you speak with an attorney at our office, while it is possible to estimate the value of your case, the true value of your case will only be known once we have all the information about the accident, your injuries, your employment situation, and how your family has been impacted.

Understanding the Full Impact of Your Injuries

There are two parts any successful personal injury claim: establishing the other party was at fault and understanding the full effect of your injuries on your everyday life. Your Jacobs Law lawyer will look at:

  • Your actual wage losses and loss of future earning capacity
  • Your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life (for example, an injury that results in chronic pain will result in a great reduction in enjoyment of life)
  • The severity of your injury (loss of strength or range of motion, disfigurement, disability)
  • Your “functional capacity” to work and accomplish activities of daily living which may require a functional capacity evaluation by an Occupational Therapist

A Permanent and Partial Impairment (PPI) rating will measure the degree of your impairment and whether it is temporary or permanent, and whether it is partial or full. This is determined based on a doctor’s assessment and rating guidelines provided by the AMA.

Don’t Agree to a Settlement Until You know

Many people, feeling overwhelmed with expenses and medical bills, want to receive their settlement as soon as possible and agree to whatever the insurance company offers. By doing so they are often accepting far less than their case is actually worth. To find out what your case is worth, fill out our “What Is My Case Worth?” form. Don’t accept less than you need and deserve. Contact the Indianapolis or Muncie law office of Jacobs Law LLC to schedule a free initial consultation, or call us toll free at 317-520-9283.


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