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  • Driver Fatigue and Motor Vehicle Accidents
    Driver Fatigue and Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Fatigue may cause drivers to be inattentive or fall asleep while driving, which can result in serious motor accidents. According to the 2005 Sleep in America Poll, over half of all adults admitted to ...

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  • The Dangers of Truck Drivers and DUIs
    The Dangers of Truck Drivers and DUIs

    An estimated 500,000 truck collisions occur across the nation annually, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and about 10% of these accidents end in death. The accidents ...

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  • Indiana Medical Malpractice Claims
    Indiana Medical Malpractice Claims

    In 1975, Indiana passed legislation pertaining to medical malpractice reform. Malpractice insurance is not required by law, but if doctors want the benefits of Indiana’s capped liability, they must be ...

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  • Causes of Brain Injury
    Causes of Brain Injury

    Brain injuries can be scary, particularly if the injury doesn’t exhibit symptoms until days or weeks following the trauma. Protected though it is inside the bony sanctuary of the cranium, the brain ...

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