How a DUI Affects Your Life

If you are charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol), you need to understand that this is a serious offense. If you are arrested, charged, and found guilty, you will face a significant fine, impact your ability to drive due to a revoked or suspended license, increase your automobile insurance rates, and you may even have to spend some time behind bars.

A guilty verdict from a DUI charge can also impact your current and future employment possibilities and your financial future, as well as your ability to travel to an international destination. The specific events and occurrences that will take place after being charged and/or convicted of a DUI are detailed here.

Arrested for DUI

If a police officer pulls you over for drunk driving and they arrest you, you will be taken in a police vehicle to the jail or police station. You will be fingerprinted and photographed, which will likely appear in your local arrest records the next day. You may also have to remain in custody for a certain period of time in order to “sober” up.

Appearing in Court

Once arrested, the law enforcement officer will provide you with a summons or a ticket, which will tell you the scheduled date for your court appearance, where you will face the DUI charges. For some people, this can be embarrassing because they must appear in public due to their drunk driving charges.

Loss of Your Driver’s License

In all 50 states, even when you are facing a first-time charge, the sentence you are given will result in you having your license suspended for a certain time period. Depending on your situation, you can apply for a hardship license. This type of license will limit your driving privileges. However, you must wait a period of 30 days before you are eligible for this license.

Fines for the DUI

When found guilty of the DUI, you will then have to pay a significant fine. The fine in Indiana will range between $500 and $5,000 depending on your actual blood alcohol content, if there was an accident or injury involved, and if there was a minor in the vehicle.

Serving Jail Time

There is no mandatory jail sentence for those facing first time DUI charges. However, depending on other circumstances such as a high BAC or a minor in the vehicle, you may face a jail sentence of up to 12 months in jail.

Some of the other consequences you may face when you are arrested and convicted of a DUI include:

  • Complete the terms of your probation.
  • Go to drunk driving school.
  • Undergo court ordered alcohol evaluation.
  • Pay higher auto insurance rates.
  • Install an ignition interlock device.

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