How to Avoid Dog Bites

There are dogs almost everywhere we go because they make such great pets, but some of them can be downright vicious even if unprovoked. No matter how friendly you might think a dog is, you need to respect its space. If you ever want to pet an unknown dog, make sure you ask the owner for permission to do so.

Watch the Dog’s Body Language

One of the most important things you can do to avoid a dog bite is to watch the body language of the dog. It is not a good idea to approach a dog while it is playing with another dog, while it is playing fetch, while it is eating, while it is caring for puppies, or while it is chewing on a bone or stick. What you must do is watch the dog’s body language. Any of the following signs could warn that a dog may bite:

  • A stiff tail
  • A tensed body
  • Pulled back ears or head
  • Whites of eyes are visible
  • Furrowed brow
  • Flicking of the tongue
  • Yawning
  • Backing away
  • Staring intensely

If you come across a dog that is exhibiting any of these signs, do not turn your back and run from the dog. This will only cause the dog to chase you. Instead, calmly back away from the dog while still looking at it and get out of sight before hurrying from the area.

How to React in a Potential Dog Bite Situation

If you are near a dog, or playing with one, and you think it might bite, then there are some things you can do to prevent it. You should follow all of the steps outlined in this section to avoid a dog bite:

  • Do not scream and never run from the area.
  • Do not make eye contact with the dog.
  • Keep your hands at your side.
  • Do not make any sudden movements.
  • Slowly move away from the dog when it loses interest in you.

Should you be attacked, give the dog anything on your person to avoid being bitten. This includes your purse, jacket, hat, gloves, bicycle, or anything else you have available. Should you be knocked to the ground, roll into a ball and stay motionless. Do not scream. Make sure you put your hands over your ears to protect them from bites.

Meet a New Dog Calmly

Whenever you meet a new dog, be sure to calmly approach it after asking the owner if it is safe. Calmly put out your hand for the dog to sniff. Once the dog sniffs your hand and seems to warmly greet you, then you can pet or play with it. Remaining calm is very important when approaching a dog with which you are not familiar.

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