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Personal Injury Claims and Insurance Adjusters: What You Need to Know

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Insurance, Personal Injury

After an accident, one of the first people you will talk to is an insurance claims adjuster – either from your own insurance or the other party’s insurance. The claims adjuster is not someone you will have a lot of experience with and while they may attempt to earn your trust, you need to realize that they are the last party you should be opening up to. Before ever speaking with a claims adjuster, you must first understand how the process works, what they do, and how you can protect yourself.

What Insurance Claims Adjusters Do After an Accident

A claims adjuster either works directly for the insurance company or is a third party contracted by the insurer to investigate the accident and claim. After their investigation is complete, they will then negotiate a potential settlement on behalf of the insurer. Adjusters are basically the individuals you will speak with in order to receive a settlement. Sometimes they may have different names – depending on the company they’re working for. Some adjusters are referred to as “claims specialists” or “claims representatives,” but they have the same job. There are times an adjuster may pass on the responsibility of negotiations to an insurance company attorney, but this is usually only if the injured party also has an attorney or if a personal injury claim has been issued. Regardless of how you speak with at the insurance company, realize that the adjuster’s main goal is to minimize your settlement – giving you as little as possible to get by.

How Filing a Claim Works

All insurance companies have different requirements and policies when it comes to filing a claim, but the general process is the same. All insurance claims are part of a settlement negotiation process. After your injury, that is when negotiations begin – which is why it is imperative you are careful about what you say to an insurance claims adjuster. After the process begins, the insurance claims adjuster will negotiate with you or your attorney. They will often make what seems like a big offer, but in reality, it is much less than you need to pay for long-term medical costs. Also, they may counteroffer, which will be lower than your initial request in your demand letter. The counteroffer and other offers will go back and forth for some time before a settlement is agreed upon. In some cases, you may have to take the insurer to court.

Protecting Yourself

It is important you protect yourself after an accident. Insurance adjusters may not be out to get you, but they are there to lower the amount of money the claim costs their employer. Therefore, they are looking out for their own interests rather than yours. That is why you should hire a car accident attorney to work with you during negotiations. An attorney can often negotiate a better, higher settlement than what you could negotiate on your own.

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