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Proving Your Claims Beyond Medical Bills

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2016 | Medical Lawsuits

In order to recoup any medical costs associated with your injury or accident, you must satisfy the adjuster’s curiosity by furnishing medical bills. This is relatively easy to do when you have all of the medical statements and receipts. However, what happens when you cannot prove all of your medical costs or you need to evaluate the value of future expenses? This is where a personal injury attorney comes into play. An attorney can help assess the actual damages that you have already encountered, as well as future damages that you may see as part of your injury.

Attorneys Helping Prove Damages due to an Accident or Injury in Indiana

Proving damages may sound as though it is obvious and easy, however, there is specific criteria that you must meet in order to establish that you have reimbursable medical expenses. In order to receive compensation for your medical costs, you must prove the expense and show that it was medically necessary to cure your injury from the initial accident. As the plaintiff, you must know what treatments and medical costs are reimbursable, and which may not qualify for compensation. Some things that you will need include:

  • Documentation from your treating physician about the injury and what caused it.
  • The nature, source, and supplier of all medical treatments.
  • Proof that the treatment was necessary.
  • Proof that the treatment or test was required in order to diagnose, treat, or cure the injury.
  • The value and actual cost of those medical services provided.

The Defense Will Scrutinize

It is the defense’s job to scrutinize every medical bill that you bring to them for compensation. They will try to make accusations that certain medical expenses do not qualify for compensation. This is why it is important as an injured victim to make sure that all medical costs are well-documented. Handwritten notes and lack of receipts are no way to establish valid medical costs. The defendant can contest your claim if you lack certain criteria, including:

  • You cannot show that the defendant’s negligence is what caused the injury.
  • You cannot show through evidence that it was necessary to treat the injury.
  • You do not have a valid claimed item.
  • The billed amount was for less than the amount claimed.
  • The injury was considered “over-treated” and therefore, not compensable.
  • The treatment did not help the patient recover from the injury.

Hire an Attorney to Establish Damages

In order to establish damages properly, you need to hire a car accident attorney. While you could attempt to substantiate every medical expense, the adjuster or defense attorney will do their best to deny every medical expense possible. That includes those that are valid, but you have little to no proof. An attorney can help you prove the validity of your medical claims and requests, but also fight for your right to collect compensation. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, do not wait to receive help. Contact Jacobs Law, LLCtoday for a complimentary consultation. You can call our offices or schedule an appointment online now.


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