The Effects of Amputation After a Personal Injury Accident

Prosecutors in St. Louis have filed charges against a motorcyclist responsible for an accident that occurred early in the morning of September 4, 2015 on eastbound I-70.

The accident occurred when the motorcyclist, who was traveling at speeds more than 100 mph, sideswiped another motorcyclist. Both cyclists were thrown from their bikes. As a result, the right leg of the cyclist who was struck was severely mangled; he was later rushed to a hospital where his leg was amputated beneath the knee.

The cyclist who struck him was not injured and is now being charged with second-degree assault for recklessly causing a serious injury, and then leaving the scene of an accident – both of which are felonies.

The injured cyclist worked as a laborer installing swimming pools, but will most likely not be able to return to that profession, due to the amputation.

An Amputation Can Affect Your Life Forever

Having an arm or leg amputated after a catastrophic accident will most certainly change your life forever. Roughly 185,000 people will have a limb amputated, due to trauma or infection, this year alone.

Over the past two decades, there has been significant improvement in the quality of life for people living without a limb, due to advancements in medical technology. However, this technology is extremely expensive. Amputees require hundred of thousands of dollars over their lifetimes to pay for surgery, prosthetic devices, and rehabilitation therapy.

Prosthetic devices are expensive, and more lightweight and customized prosthetics can cost as much as $50,000. What’s more, an amputee must have his or her prosthetic devices refitted approximately every 3-5 years; each time, he or she must undergo therapy to become acquainted with use of the new device.

According to a 2002 study done in association with the John Hopkins Center for Injury and Research, the cost of an amputation was more than a $500,000 throughout the amputee’s lifetime. That’s almost $700,000 today, when adjusted for inflation.

In addition to the extremely high cost of receiving and maintaining a prosthetic device, amputees frequently find themselves unable to continue working in their chosen profession. Furthermore, they often incur costs to have their homes retrofitted and must pay for costly pain medication, which can be a tremendous financial burden.

Contact an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney to Fight For What You Deserve

If you have lost a limb in an accident, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney before signing any settlement agreement. It is critical that you first consider all of your future needs and expenses, and an attorney can help you calculate both foreseeable and unforeseeable future costs.

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