Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement Values

It is natural for an accident victim to be confused, angry, and even depressed about the incident. When entering a lawsuit against a negligent party, however, a plaintiff must put aside his or her emotions as best as best as can be done and avoid costly mistakes that may lower the settlement value – or risk ruining the case entirely.

Even the smallest error can affect a claim. Some defense attorneys and insurance claim adjusters hope that victims will make these mistakes; sometimes, they create instances where plaintiffs will walk into a trap for an error.

Accident Lawsuit Mistakes in Indianapolis that Could Significantly Lower Your Settlement Value

If you are filing an accident claim, contact an attorney immediately for assistance. An attorney can protect you from these well-known traps, but also help ensure that you get maximum compensation for your incident. In the meantime, avoid these costly mistakes:

  1. Lying About Accident Details: You must be honest about your incident. You cannot lie about, leave out, or exaggerate any details. This includes how the accident occurred, your injuries, costs you’ve encountered, etc. Defense attorneys are constantly looking for the slightest inconsistency in your story to attack your character.
  2. Errors on Forms: After an accident, you will fill out plenty of forms. Whether it is an accident report, insurance claims form, or legal document, you must fill these out with caution.
  3. Talking About the Case: Never speak to anyone about your ongoing case, unless it is your attorney. You should not discuss details of the case with friends or family until the case is closed. Also, stay off social media entirely. Do not share, update, or post anything.
  4. Signing Releases: Never sign a release, even if it is from your own insurance company. Instead, consult with an accident attorney to ensure that you are not signing a release that will harm your case.
  5. Waiting to Seek Medical Attention: Never delay medical treatment. Also, never delay follow-up appointments, recommended treatments, or surgeries. Doing so gives the defense an opportunity to state that you are not as injured as you claim.
  6. Not Reporting Previous Injuries: If you have previous injuries, you must disclose them. Having a previous injury will not harm your case, but failing to report them will.
  7. Discarding Evidence: There is evidence in your case that you may not realize. For example, empty prescription bottles associated with your case must be saved.
  8. Not Hiring an Attorney: An attorney will ensure that you receive maximum compensation. When accident victims file their claims on their own, they are less likely to receive the compensation that they deserve.

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