The 10 Most Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can be catastrophic and result in lifelong injuries, disability or death. So, it is important that you look out for yourself (and your coworkers) when performing your duties on the job. The majority of workplace accidents can be avoided if proper measures are taken to prevent them from occurring. That being said, here is a list of the top workplace accidents to look out for and how they can be prevented.

Slip and Falls Accidents

It is quite common to find slippery surfaces in the workplace, whether it is because of a liquid spill that hasn’t been cleaned up, a leaking pipe, or a toilet floor that has not been kept clean by the janitorial staff. When at work, wear shoes suited for the conditions you will be working in and be aware of the surface you are walking on to avoid a slip and fall accident.

Back and Neck Injuries

If you work in an occupation that requires you to lift heavy objects, you will find that muscle strain on your neck and back are very common. Your employer should provide you with basic training on how to lift heavy objects, as well as special equipment that will reduce the strain on your neck and back, thereby reducing the occurrence of these types of injuries.

Loss of Hearing

In some work environments, you may be exposed to constant loud noises which, over time, can cause a reduction in your hearing capacity. Your employer should take basic safety measures to prevent employees from suffering hearing loss. This includes requiring employees to wear ear protection or installing noise barriers between the noise producing machines and their operators.

Falls From High Places

Falls from ladders are among the most common types of workplace injuries; falls can also occur from things such as scaffolding, platforms and stairways. Employers should supply workers who will be working at dangerous heights with harnesses where appropriate and keep obstructions to a minimum.


Nine percent of all burns are the result of occupational injuries. They most often occur in environments where harsh chemicals, welding equipment or anything that gets dangerously hot are being used.

Electrical burns are the most common in the workplace, but chemical burns are frequent in industries where caustic chemical are being used. Thermal burns typically occur where employees work near boilers or hot machinery, and in restaurants where they use deep fryers and grills.

To avoid being burned in the workplace, you should always follow safety regulations, and wear safety equipment like heat resistant gloves and aprons when handling hot equipment and/or caustic material. Furthermore, your employer should provide you with sufficient training for storing chemicals or other hazardous materials in a safe fashion to avoid burn accidents.

Being Struck by a Falling Object

Sometimes workers can be struck by things falling from above; for example, workers can be struck when they are stacking items, retrieving objects from shelves, or when walking under scaffolding where work is being performed above. Falling objects can lead to head injuries and significant trauma. Therefore, those who work in environments where there is probability that objects may fall from above should be supplied with hard hats. Furthermore, adequate measures should be taken to properly secure objects that will be lifted or stored above the work floor.


There is a wide range of machinery and equipment used in occupational environments that, if you are not careful, can cause you to cut yourself. Where appropriate, these machines should be equipped with safety guards to prevent an employee from being cut while using them. Furthermore, before using this type of equipment, you should be provided with training on how to operate it safely and minimize the risk of injury.

Road Accidents

Some employees drive around all day for business purposes. Since road accidents are the most common of all occupational accidents, it is important that you drive safely and be provided with safe-driver training to reduce the chance of having an accident while conducting your business on the road.

Injuries Caused by Inhaling Fumes, Smoke or Gasses

In factory or lab environments where there are harsh chemicals, fumes or gasses, employees could suffer poisoning and/or bad reactions to the chemicals they inhale. Therefore, these areas should always have adequate ventilation and be equipped with exhaust hoods, where appropriate.

Furthermore, employees should be required to wear safety goggles and respirators (or breathing masks) whenever they are exposed to hazardous substances, such as gasses, solvents, powders, chemicals, and sprays.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Activities that involve repetitive motion, such as typing at a computer, can cause strain to muscles and tendons and result in back pain. Likewise, staring at a computer screen all day can lead to long-term vision problems. Therefore, your work environment should be arranged ergonomically and allow you to make small adjustments to suit your body size.

You should also be allowed to stand up and walk around periodically to stretch your fingers, hands, arms, and torso. Finally, you should look away from your computer screen every 20 minutes or so to give your eyes a break.

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