Does Music Affect Your Driving Habits?

Music can calm one person, energize another, and even inspire those who need a little inspiration. So, it should not be a surprise that music can have an effect on a person’s driving habits – especially when it comes to road rage. A recent experiment in England set out to prove just that.

What the Study Concluded

According to The Telegraph, this study determined if listening to music affected a person’s driving. The study included four men and four women, and a distance of 500 miles per driver. During the first 250 miles, the study had the drivers listen to no music; instead, they drove in silence. During the second 250 miles, the drivers listened to music. The researchers then tracked each driver’s speed, acceleration, and braking habits. The drivers were also videotaped, and that footage was then assessed by a psychologist. The psychologist concluded that the music (and the type of music) did influence a person’s driving style. More specifically, rock music and hip hop were considered the most dangerous.

The study concluded that any music that is upbeat, noisy, and increases your heart rate will also be a natural road rage enhancer. Fast beats create excitement and arousal, which leads to a person concentrating more on the music than the road. The study also decided which songs were the most dangerous, including “Hey Mama” from the Black Eyed Peas, “Paradise City” from Guns N’ Roses, and “Heartless” from Kanye West.

They also found that listening to music that you do not like can create stress and more of a distraction – and it also negatively impacts your driving abilities. Therefore, if you have passengers who insist on listening to music that you do not enjoy, it could actually make you a more high-risk driver.

While the study showed interesting correlations between music and driving habits, the study did not blatantly answer the question about whether or not drivers should worry about what is played inside their vehicle. Instead, they simply said that music can negatively impact your driving in some way.

More studies will need to be conducted, especially because this particular study only focused on eight total individuals – and eight is by no means a good sampling of the rest of the population. But, the insights provided from the study can help drivers better choose their music – or at least be aware of the fact that their music selections could leave them at a higher risk for road rage incidents.

Were You Injured by a Distracted Driver?

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