Frightening Injuries Common to Halloween - and How to Avoid Them

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Halloween is meant to be scary. From the spooky costumes to haunted houses, the entire goal of the 31st of October is to scare or be scared. That being said, Halloween wasn’t designed to be the day of accidents. Yet, Halloween sees some of the highest number of automobile-pedestrian incidents.

Whether you are going out with friends, taking kids trick-or-treating, or just serving candy at your own front door, it is important that you know how to stay safe and free from injury on a notoriously unsafe day.

Tips for Avoiding Injury and Accident on Halloween

There are some common safety hazards on Halloween – and these can be easily avoided with due diligence. Below are a few tips on things to do to help avoid accidents.

  1. Yield to vehicles. Automobile-pedestrian accidents are at their peak during Halloween. With children wearing dark costumes, a preponderance of people on the streets, and individuals cross the roads without proper crosswalks, it is no wonder. Instead of becoming a statistic, you can keep yourself (and any little ones that are trick-or-treating) safe. Teach children to only cross at crosswalks. Make everyone visible by adding reflective tape to darker costumes. Also, never run out into the street from behind parked cars.
  1. Always be seen. If your child doesn’t have a bright costume, add a glow stick or make it easier to see in the dark. Do the same for yourself if you plan to take children around the neighborhood.
  1. Use common sense when shopping for costumes. This goes for parents and children. Your children need costumes that they can wear and not trip over. You need a costume that you can drive safely in – which means taking off any head pieces or masks while operating a vehicle. If your child cannot move around safely in his or her costume or it blocks his or her view, you should purchase something better suited for the child’s size.
  1. Keep your home well-lit. Plenty of slip and fall incidents occur during Halloween. Whether it is a child who falls down a porch or an adult tripping over a sidewalk, homeowners are liable if they have hazardous conditions on their property. You can avoid any potential issues by keeping your porch, sidewalks, and exterior well-lit on Halloween. If there are tripping hazards, block them off with crime scene tape (a great way to add decorations, too).
  1. Stay off the lawns. Teach your children (and practice it yourself) to not walk on other people’s lawns. They may have wires or cords for Halloween decorations and you don’t want anyone tripping and getting hurt.

What If You or Your Child is Injured? Contact an Attorney

Despite your best efforts, you or your children could suffer injuries on Halloween. An attorney can help you in these situations. If you or your child is seriously injured, contact the personal injury team at Jacobs Law, LLC. We are here to assist you with your claim – whether it is from an automobile accident, slip and fall, or another catastrophic injury. Schedule a free consultation by contacting our office or request more information by completing our contact form.