Common Truck Maintenance Issues That Lead to Accidents

Professional truck drivers and their companies want to protect motorists on the road from their semi-trucks, but they often neglect valuable maintenance that could save lives. Even a truck driver who manages his or her own rig and is in perfect compliance with the law could miss glaring issues that could cost lives – and thousands of dollars in damage. That is because the way a driver operates his or her semi-truck is only one of many reasons why deadly truck accidents occur in the state. While fatigue is the prevalent cause, there is still a majority caused by maintenance issues and malfunction.

Common Maintenance Issues

There are some maintenance issues that are more common than others when it comes to causing fatal truck accidents on highways, and even local roads in the country. Just some of these include:

  • Faulty Brakes – Brakes are the most important safety component on a semi-truck. Due to their weight and size, these trucks rely heavily on their braking mechanisms to stop safely and avoid collisions. At least five percent of truck accidents are caused by faulty brakes. When you consider that braking systems are the sole thing standing between a 50,000 pound vehicle at high speeds, it should cause concern when brakes are not properly maintained. The Federal government does have high standards for how trucks should be maintained – including how the braking systems should operate, and how often they should be reviewed. But, that doesn’t mean that all trucking companies or drivers maintain their rigs in accordance to those regulations. When a company is unwilling to spend the time or money to maintain braking systems, it costs lives.
  • Air Pressure and Tire Issues – Just like brakes, trucks rely heavily on their tires. When a truck has a blowout, the debris from that tire could cause an accident on its own. Trucking companies are required to ensure that all vehicles are equipped with the right tires, and that those tires have proper air pressure and tread to be in operation.

There is no excuse for improperly maintained semi-trucks. Considering the damage that an impact – even at low speeds – can cause, companies and their drivers are held to a higher standard for safety. Therefore, truck owners, drivers, and the company in charge of maintaining the truck can be held liable for your injuries in an accident due to faulty maintenance.

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