Tire Blowout Accidents: Who is Liable in These Cases?

Injury Attorney in Indianapolis Explains Product Liability Cases for Blowout Accidents

A tire blowout, while scary, is not uncommon. It could happen on your vehicle or a vehicle next to you on the highway. Unfortunately, this common occurrence on roads throughout the country can lead to catastrophic accidents and serious injuries.

While a tire blowout is not automatically an issue of liability, there are instances when a party is liable for the tire blowout and associated injuries. To determine if your particular tire blowout is one that qualifies, you must first understand how these cases work, and the potential liabilities.

Product Liability: A Defective Tire

If your vehicle has a tire blowout, you may have a claim against the company that manufactured the tire or the wheel, or the company that installed the tire itself. However, you must have evidence that: (i) establishes that there was a defect or an incorrect installation, and (ii) shows that those defects are the direct cause of the blowout, and your accident.

This type of case is known as product liability. Your attorney must prove that the tire or the installation of the tire was defective; if he or she is successful, you may receive compensation for your injuries, including any property damage that resulted.

Typically, to prove such a case, your attorney will need to hire experts who can analyze the tire and recreate the circumstances, showing the judge or jury that the tire or installation was defective.

Driver Negligence: When Drivers Cause the Tire Blowout

Sometimes, it is not the tire or the manufacturer’s issue; instead, it is the driver of the vehicle. Drivers are required to exhibit a reasonable level of care when on the road, and that includes maintaining the vehicle. If a driver does not preserve the vehicle to ensure that the tires are safe, and there is a tire blowout that causes an accident, the driver could be considered liable by the courts.

For example, say that a driver knew that the tires were timeworn and bald, and he or she was also recently told by a dealership that the tires needed to be replaced. However, the driver ignored those requests and drove on the tires anyway. The tire then blew, and caused an accident. In this case, the driver’s negligence would be the cause of the incident, and the driver should be held liable for the accident.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney for a Tire Blowout Accident

If you were involved in an accident that resulted from a tire blowout, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney. A product liability lawyer can help assess the case to determine which party may be liable, and can also gather the necessary evidence to establish liability. If you have a claim against a manufacturer or installer of a tire, you must contact an Indianapolis injury attorney. The rules regarding product liability are very stringent, and proving a case for product liability can be equally complicated.

After your highway accident, contact the advocates at Jacobs Law, LLC. Our injury lawyers can assist you with filing your personal injury claim against the driver, tire installer, tire retailer, or possibly even the tire manufacturer.

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