Common Myths About Not Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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After a serious injury, you may assume that you do not need an attorney. After all, all you need to do is file a claim with the insurance company, and they will gladly settle, right? This is an assumption that most accident victims start with, but then quickly realize is untrue.

Regardless of what stage of settlement you are in, make sure the reason why you aren’t hiring a personal injury attorney is not because you assume: (i) insurance companies are on your side, (ii) the process is simple, or (iii) any of the other myths that commonly circulate about personal injury attorneys. The best tool at your disposal is an attorney, and the team at Jacobs Law, LLC can help.

What Are the Common Myths About Personal Injury Law?

  • A personal injury claim with an attorney will take too long. A claim with a lawyer will go faster than if you attempt it on your own. Insurance companies are apt to settle faster with a lawyer involved because they know the legal recourse that an attorney will take if they stall or delay claims. Even if your personal injury case goes to court, in most cases, you will see a settlement in six months to a year. Some settlements take years, but these are not typical in personal injury cases.
  • A personal injury attorney is not needed if the injuries are minor. There are two reasons why a victim should never assume that his or her injuries are minor: (i) injuries can become more serious later, and (ii) an attorney can still help with minor injuries. Insurance companies often dismiss “minor” injuries; therefore, they may deny claims altogether. With a lawyer, even minor injuries are paid for, and you receive compensation. Also, what seems small may become more severe with time, so having an attorney there to represent your claim ensures the complicated treatments that come later are still paid for.
  • I do not need an attorney because I have insurance. Insurance companies may say that they are there for you, but they are still a business – they need to make profits. They are not going to give you the maximum settlement, even if you have been a client for 20 years. Instead, they will pay the minimum to satisfy you and move on.
  • My insurance company said that they would settle with me, so I don’t need an attorney. Insurance claims adjusters are quick to call victims because they want to offer a settlement before victims have had time to explore their legal options. Remember that insurance companies are not on your side, and it takes years of experience negotiating with them to get a settlement that you deserve.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney and See the Difference

While a personal injury lawyer may cost money, his or her services often yield higher settlement amounts and faster results than when you negotiate on your own. Therefore, do not give into the myths. Instead, contact Jacobs Law, LLC today. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. So, you can explore your legal options and see if an attorney is right for you without payment. Call our offices or schedule a consultation online and see for yourself.