Five Benefits of Having a Local Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims in the Indianapolis Area

One of the most stressful situations about a motor vehicle accident is that you have to deal with the insurance companies and legal hoops that come with receiving compensation. You want your life to return to normal, or at least as much as is possible. While dealing with serious injuries, you are also handling missed work hours, medical costs, and negotiations with insurance companies for compensation.

The added stress of finding a personal injury lawyer can be too much. While you have seen the commercials and advertisements for personal injury attorneys in the state, it may suit you better to work with a local attorney and not just contact one with flashy ads.

Five Benefits of Hiring an Attorney Who is Local

  1. The guidelines and laws can vary by county. While there are state personal injury statutes, the process and guidelines for filing a lawsuit can vary by county. Therefore, you want an attorney in Indianapolis who works within your county and has experience in that particular court. He or she will know the laws and guidelines, and will have worked with the judges and court clerks for that county, too.
  2. You will receive better communication. When you call a 1-800 attorney who is advertised on television and billboards, you may find that you are just another number to that lawyer’s office. Local attorneys are easier to communicate with; and, if you need to meet in-person, you are not driving for hours to do so.
  3. Your attorney knows other resources that may help. Your local attorney has access to local resources. This may include physician recommendations, treatment centers, and more. They know of professionals who can assist you with rehabilitation and investigation, and ensure that your life gets back on track.
  4. You still receive top-notch legal representation. A local attorney in Indianapolis still provides help with the investigations, endless paperwork, and negotiations with insurance companies. They are there as your advocate, and they work for you. After all, a personal injury attorney works on a contingency basis, which means that he or she only wins if you get a settlement. Your personal injury lawyer is an objective ally working by your side – he or she can ensure that you do not get frustrated during the settlement negotiations, and also that you receive a timely payment.
  5. Faster transactions. When you hire an attorney, you will need to meet at his or her office for the consultation, follow-up meetings, delivering paperwork, signing documents, and more. You do not want to drive a long time just to do so. Also, you want an attorney who can come to you when you are seriously injured and cannot drive. Attorneys who are too far away may charge extra or not offer personalized services due to the commute.

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