Why the Human Body is Not Made for Accident Trauma

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Have you ever wondered what the human body would look like if it had evolved into something that could survive a car crash?

A CNN story published in July, 2016 highlighted the human who could survive an accident, and his name is Graham.

Graham survives car accidents because he has a ribcage that is thick and lined with sacs that operate like natural airbags for the chest cavity. The skull is larger on Graham than the average human, and the skin is super thick. Also, Graham’s knees can move in all directions, and he has extreme flexibility.

Graham is not a real human, though. Instead, he is an interactive, life-size human sculpture designed as part of the Transportation Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia. They launched their road safety campaign and wanted to show the world what a person would look like if he or she had evolved to survive crashes. The results were quite grotesque.

The sculpture cost the organization over $149,000 US dollars. The point was to show why human bodies cannot withstand the impact and trauma of a car accident, and what it would look like if they could. Today, Graham is on display at the State Library of Victoria and goes on various road shows.

The Damage that a Car Accident Causes on the Human Body

The human body is not designed for the force and impact of a vehicle crash. That is why there are numerous injuries suffered, even at slow speeds. Just some of the types of car accident injuries that a victim could experience include:

  • Severe head and back injuries. From traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) to concussions and herniated disks, the human body responds to severe impacts with painful – and, in some cases, life-threatening – back and head injuries. These injuries take the time to heal, and for some, they may haunt them for the rest of their lives.
  • Neck and chest injuries. The most common injury in a vehicle accident is whiplash. The violent whipping motion of the human body after impact can traumatize soft tissues within the neck, shoulders, and upper back. These injuries are painful, and treatments may last months or years depending on the severity. Also, cardiac arrest is common after a car accident because of the trauma to the chest.
  • Serious injuries to the extremities. The human body has limbs and appendages that are often the biggest victims of car accidents. Everything from broken fingers and burns from the airbag to lacerations, amputations, and more.

Victims of Car Accidents Deserve Compensation

Because the human body is not designed to survive a car crash, you are likely to encounter various medical costs, treatments, pain, and suffering from your incident. When your accident is caused by a reckless or negligent driver, you should not have to deal with the financial burden alone.

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