How to Spot Dangerous Dogs

Even the gentlest breed or most loving family dog can turn without notice. However, most of the time, aggressive dogs give off signs that they are about to attack. Knowing what a dangerous dog looks like could not only save your life but prevent you or a loved one from the trauma of a vicious dog attack.

Signs that a Dog is Aggressive

When you see a dog on the street, do you know how to tell if that dog is aggressive and potentially dangerous? Some warning signs that you and your children should never ignore include:

  • A dog that is growling. Dogs growl to warn people about their aggression. They are telling you that they will bite if you go near. Therefore, a growl should never be ignored or underestimated. Instead, avoid a growling dog by slowly backing away.
  • Barking at people walking by. It is normal for a dog to bark. Some dogs bark out of excitement, while others bark as a warning. However, a dog that constantly barks and even becomes aggressive should be avoided.
  • Teeth exposed. When a dog shows his or her teeth, they are telling you that they are dominant and ready to fight for their territory. Never go near a dog that is growling and showing their teeth. Instead, back away cautiously and get to a safe location.
  • Raised tail or hair. When a dog is upset and in an aggressive stance, he or she will have their tail raised and the hair on the back of their neck lifts. You can see this even from a distance; therefore, avoid a dog that has any raised hair.
  • Biting or nipping. Dogs will nip and bite out of play, but they also do so as a warning. When a dog bites, that is a sign of aggression, and the dog might be threatening to do more damage if you do not leave him or her alone.

Dogs Can Attack Over Food, Sleep, and Touch

Sometimes dogs grow aggressive and territorial, especially over their food or sleeping quarters. Dogs are territorial; therefore, they may attack to protect their food or even their bed. Children should be taught never to approach a dog’s food bowl or lie on a dog’s bed while they are sleeping. Even a friendly family pet could turn on a child when they feel as though their food is being threatened.

Also, dogs that growl while their toys are touched or when they are touched are dogs that should be assessed by a veterinarian. If your family pet shows aggression around small children, you must also have the pet examined. Sometimes there are hormonal issues, while other times the dog suffers from a brain condition. Regardless, these are warning signs that a dog has a touch of aggression, and ignoring it could result in a catastrophic attack.

Injured by a Vicious Dog? You Have Rights

If a vicious dog attacked you or your child, you have the right to seek compensation from the owner. However, you need the assistance of an attorney that understands the complexities of dog bite cases and can help you receive compensation.

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