Do You Know the Risks of Handling Your Personal Injury Claim Alone?

You know how to build a deck. You even know how to repair your vehicle.

Thanks to the Internet, you can do just about anything without hiring a professional. From YouTube to the endless how-to guides online, the possibilities are limitless. When it comes to the law, that is something you should never DIY.

While you can review the statutes, and read DIY guides online for handling your personal injury case, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney. Attempting to handle your claim yourself adds risks and issues that you might not realize.

What are You Risking with a DIY Personal Injury Claim?

From compensation to hassles to losing your case, the risks associated with handling your claim alone are severe.

  • You could miss important case law to prove your case. Attorneys not only use the statutes to help them with a case. They also use case law. Case law are previously ruled cases that serve as guidance for the courts. A compelling case in the past could apply to your injury. Not knowing where to find that information and use it in an argument could be detrimental to your claim.
  • You do not have access to investigators and researchers. You are recovering from an injury, but now you are taking on the task of investigating and researching. These are extensive functions even for professionals. An attorney has access to in-house researchers and investigators on their payroll.
  • You might not receive the settlement you deserve. Do you know what modifiers and factors in your case influence the compensation value? Do you have an accountant who can help you calculate future costs, bonuses, wages, and economic conditions for your long-term disability damages? An attorney knows how to calculate these costs, but also knows how much you deserve — ensuring you do not get anything less.
  • Your case might be dismissed on a technicality. There is a process for personal injury claims and civil courts. Missing a deadline or skipping a step in the procedures could result in a dismissal. Sometimes you have the choice to re-file. Other times that dismissal might permanently bar you from seeking compensation.

Avoid the Risks and Hassles – Contact an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Instead

While you could represent yourself in court, and you have every right to do so, an attorney is often recommended over the do-it-yourself method. When you hire a lawyer from Jacobs Law, LLC, we advocate for your right to compensation. Furthermore, our attorneys are aggressive, and we make sure that you receive fair compensation for your medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and pain or emotional suffering.

Contact our offices today to explore your options for compensation. We offer no obligation, free consultations.