Top 5 Accidents on Halloween to Avoid

Halloween carries more threats than ghouls, goblins, and a night of frights. In fact, the leading cause of injuries actually comes from the costumes that are worn, and vehicles on the road who are not extra careful to look for all the people out enjoying the festivities.

Hospitals are often overwhelmed with patients on Halloween. Patients flock in with ailments ranging from eating too much candy – to catastrophic injuries. To prepare yourself and your children for a safe holiday, familiarize yourself with the common injuries on Halloween and do what you can to avoid them.

What Injuries are Shockingly Common on Halloween?

While checking your child’s candy before they eat it on Halloween night is still an important injury prevention tactic, it is not the only one you should follow on Halloween. In fact, here are a few other hazards to be aware of:

  1. Pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents. The type of accidents that increase on Halloween are pedestrian versus automobile accidents. Vehicles are out on the road, but so are children and adults dressed in dark, hard-to-see costumes. With people darting in and out of the roadways, a driver that is not paying attention can easily strike someone. To prevent your child from being hit by a car, teach them to use crosswalks – even on Halloween. Also, make sure they wear glow sticks and reflective material on their costumes so that they are seen by vehicles in the dark.
  2. Trip and fall accidents from costumes. Costumes, especially those that are too big or have capes and long trains, are tripping hazards. Children may lose their footing and fall over, and while most of these accidents result in minor scrapes and bruises, some can result in more serious injuries.
  3. Trip and fall accidents on property. Neighbors will do their best to make their property spooky and festive. To power up the lights and effects, they may have power cords crossing sidewalks and driveways, which are a tripping hazard. Also, houses that do not clean up debris before trick-or-treating may have an increased risk of slip and falls, such as slipping on wet leaves on a porch.
  4. Eye injuries. Costumes are not always safe, even when designed for children. Many come with sharp components that can cause catastrophic eye injuries. Props, like swords and sticks, should not be given to young children – unless you can blunt the edges of them to make them safer.
  5. Burn injuries. While most people in your neighborhood will use LED lights or non-flame devices to light up their Jack-o’-lanterns, some may not. Therefore, you should ensure your child’s costume is not long enough to catch fire if they were to brush up against a live flame while trick-or-treating.

Injured on Halloween? Speak with an Injury Advocate

While you were out to have a frightening and fun night, you got more than you bargained for. Now you have serious injuries that are taking you away from work, require continuous treatments, and are costing thousands of dollars.

For injuries caused by someone’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation against the at-fault party. Speak with an attorney from Jacobs Law, LLC today to explore your options for compensation. Our advocates are here to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact our offices today by calling us directly or reaching out to us online.