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As children develop, it is natural that they will get into accidents. In some cases, accidents can be a learning experience. Through trial and error, children can learn more about what they can and cannot do. Tragically, not all childhood injuries can be treated with a Band-Aid or a kiss from Mom or Dad. In some situations, children suffer profound, life-altering injuries. Sadly, many of these accidents would be preventable if someone had exercised a proper level of care. If your child has been harmed due to an act of negligence, it can be very helpful to speak to an injury lawyer about your child’s injuries. Jacobs Law, LLC has helped parents across Indiana get answers to their questions as well as compensation for their child’s injuries.

Children can suffer harm in countless ways. Children can be injured on faulty or defective playground equipment. They can be injured at school or in a day care center due to the negligence of a teacher or other adult. They can be injured by defective car seats or other products designed to ensure child safety. Children can suffer profound injury at the very beginning of life, such as when injury occurs during labor or delivery.

Our Indianapolis children’s injury attorneys will closely review exactly how your child was injured. If your child is suffering developmental delays as a result of the injury, it is important that the eventual settlement or award is sufficient to cover all of your child’s needs. At Jacobs Law LLC, our personal injury lawyers have the skill, knowledge, and experience to build a case designed to account for all of these damages.

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