Should Your Injury Attorney Have Courtroom Experience?

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When you are looking at your options for a personal injury attorney, you have multiple factors to consider. One of the most important is the attorney’s experience. Experience is a broad category, which includes not only how many years they have been in practice, but how many similar cases they have handled to yours. It is also important to know whether they have trial experience or not.

Just because an attorney has practiced for ten years does not mean they are more prepared for trial than an attorney that has practiced for five years. Most personal injury cases do settle before they make it to the courtroom. But you still want an attorney that has been to trial and has the experience to back up the case – otherwise, you could be placing everything on the line.

Why Your Indianapolis Injury Attorney Needs Trial Experience

Having an injury attorney by your side with trial experience is essential, and here is why:

Trial Experience Sends a Message to the Insurance Company

When you hire an attorney, you want an attorney that has experience with insurance companies. More so, you want the insurance company to know that attorney and recognize that they could lose the case if they were to go to court against that attorney.

Trials are costly for both sides, which is why an insurance company tries to settle before the trial date. Insurance companies have databases that tell them which attorneys have been to court, their experience, and even the settlements they have received in the past from their trials.

Hiring an experienced attorney sends a clear message to the insurance company that you are ready to go to court if they refuse to give you what you deserve in your case. That means insurance companies are more willing to settle not only before your court date but for the amount you deserve because they do not want to risk going to trial and leaving it to a jury.

Your Attorney Will Have More Skills in Their Arsenal

When you settle with an insurance company outside of court, you use a different set of skills than you would going to trial. Therefore, you want an attorney that can represent you with all those unique skills that increase the chances you will win your case.

To succeed in an injury trial, your attorney needs to be a storyteller. They do not stand up in front of the judge or jury and share a story. But they paint a picture using expert witnesses, evidence, and even your testimony. They discuss complex subjects but break them down so that every juror understands what they are hearing.

Good trial attorneys are pushing the jury and they are experts in persuasiveness, but they do not come off as overly aggressive or turn away the jury. They are social, approachable, and they know how to make the jury like them and trust them.

When your attorney is dealing with the insurance company, they use different skills. Now they are not there to make friends. Instead, they are aggressive, they push the insurance company, and they use their negotiations and stern manner to get results. This works with an insurance company because the attorneys are not dealing with a jury. They are dealing with insurance claims adjusters and lawyers who deal with the same type of stuff every day – and they do not need to see the friendly side of someone to settle.

Your Attorney Knows What to Expect

An attorney that has been to trial knows what will happen when the case does go to trial. They know the stages, they also know the timing of evidence and when to put out witnesses that might encourage further negotiations. After all, even if a case goes to trial, negotiations are still ongoing. The insurance company might see the evidence presented and ask to settle before allowing the case to go to the judge or jury.

If you have an attorney that has been to the courtroom several times, they know what to expect. They might even know when insurance companies are more likely to settle in the trial timeline. An attorney without that experience might not be able to use evidence in their favor for negotiations.

Knowing the Judges and Attorneys

Another benefit of having an attorney that has been to trial before is that the attorney is more likely to know the judge presiding over the case. They have handled several cases with the judge in the past, and they may even know the other side’s attorney. Whether you are going up against an insurance company or another person, attorneys that have extensive trial experience will have seen or been up against that attorney before. This fact can help in negotiations, but also in their courtroom strategy, because they know how that attorney acts.

Find an Attorney with Trial Experience Near You Today

If you have been injured, you will start your attorney hunt by scheduling free consultations with local attorneys. Ask every attorney that you meet about their trial experience, and how often they go to trial versus settling outside of court. More importantly, ask how many trials they have had within the past year.

It is essential to ask this because an attorney might have settled hundreds of cases out of court and seen a trial dozens of times, but over the past year, they have had no trial experience. That means they are not fresh in their skills, and they may not be prepared to go to court as quickly as an attorney that has already gone to court a few times in the past 12 months.

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