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Tips to avoid causing an auto-pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Distracted Driving

Sometimes the easiest way to travel in Indianapolis is on foot. However, being a pedestrian presents risks, especially when motorists fail to notice pedestrians in their vicinity, striking the pedestrian and causing serious injuries. The following is a brief overview of a motorist’s responsibilities when it comes to sharing the road with pedestrians.

Look out for pedestrians

Motorists must keep their eyes out for pedestrians at all times, day or night. This is especially true if visibility is limited due to darkness or poor weather conditions. In addition, motorists should take care when driving in reverse, as they may not see pedestrians in their path.

Follow all traffic rules

Motorists must adhere to all traffic rules and regulations, especially when pedestrians are in the vicinity. This includes following the posted speed limit especially in school zones, stopping at intersections and yielding to a pedestrian’s right of way. In addition, motorists should not pass other motorists who are stopped at crosswalks, because there may be a pedestrian crossing at the time.

Do not obstruct other motorists’ view of pedestrians

Motorists must make sure that if they are stopped at a cross walk that they do so far enough away from the crosswalk as to not obstruct other motorists’ view of the pedestrian.

Avoid drunk driving

Drunk driving should be avoided at all times, but especially when driving in areas where pedestrians are present. Keep in mind that even if your blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit, you could still be too impaired to drive safely, leading to an auto-pedestrian accident

Motorists may be held responsible for auto-pedestrian accidents

Unfortunately, not all motorists in Indianapolis will heed these tips, and will cause an auto-pedestrian accident. If a motorist breaches their duty of care around pedestrians, striking the pedestrian and causing the pedestrian to suffer injuries, it may be possible to hold that motorist responsible through a personal injury claim. Personal injury attorneys in Indianapolis can provide further advice to those injured in auto-pedestrian accidents.



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