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Utilizing Med Pay insurance after an auto accident

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

If you suffer serious injuries in a car accident, you often worry about not only your recovery. You are concerned with how you’ll pay your medical bills, which can quickly pile up. If you have Med Pay insurance as part of your auto insurance policy, you often can use that to get compensation for your injury costs.

What is Med Pay?

Med Pay is an optional insurance add-on. When you choose to add Med Pay to your auto insurance policy, it will cover your medical bills after an accident right away. It will cover any injuries to your spouse, children, other passengers in your vehicle or if you injure a pedestrian. Med Pay may even cover your injury costs if you were at fault for the crash.

However, Med Pay doesn’t cover if you lose wages because of your accident injuries. It doesn’t compensate policy holders for any pain, suffering or emotional damage that are the result of the accident.

Choosing Med Pay coverage

If you choose to add Med Pay coverage to your auto insurance policy, you want to make sure you get enough coverage. Some Med Pay policies may cover only $2,000 in injury costs. However, if you receive injuries in an auto accident that require an ER hospital visit, your bills will well exceed $2,000. You want to get as much Med Pay coverage as you can afford.

Filing a claim

You may not remember that you have Med Pay coverage when you receive injuries in a crash. You need to check your auto insurance declaration page and let your insurance company know you have Med Pay when you report the accident and your injuries.

If your Med Pay claims are denied, you need to seek the help of a personal injury attorney. An attorney can review your accident and injury claim and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


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