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Hit by an uninsured driver: what happens next

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Car Accidents

When you get into a car accident, your first thought probably won’t be, “I hope the other driver has insurance.” Still, you might be upset to learn that the driver is uninsured, especially if the crash was their fault and you suffered serious injuries.

The good news is, in Indianapolis, you can still collect compensation for your injuries after an accident caused by an uninsured motorist. The less-than-good news is, you might have to take on your own auto insurance company to do so.

Insurance against uninsured drivers

Besides your collision coverage, your policy includes something called UIM insurance or uninsured motorist insurance. Indiana law requires drivers to have UIM coverage. It kicks in when an uninsured driver is at fault for a crash with your vehicle. Thus, instead of trying to get a fair settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company (which does not exist), you will deal with your own auto insurer.

However, the fact that you are filing a claim with your own insurance provider does not mean you will have an easier time getting compensated for things like lost wages, medical bills, and your pain and suffering. Like all auto insurance companies, your UIM insurance provider is in business to make money. That means paying out a little in insurance claims as possible.

That could mean the company will make a lowball settlement offer or even try to claim that you were responsible for the accident. Just as when someone is pursuing a claim against another driver’s insurance company, a lawsuit against your insurer may be the only way to reach a fair amount of compensation.

The biggest advantage you can give yourself

Fortunately, working with a personal injury attorney can make the process faster, easier and fairer.


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