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Knowledge of dangerous conditions in premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Premises Liability

Slip-and-fall accidents can be embarrassing blunders or serious personal injury accidents. When an Indianapolis resident is harmed in a slip-and-fall incident caused by the negligence or actions of another party, they may have options to seek compensation for their accident-related losses. During their trial for damages, they will have to provide different elements of their claims, including whether the individual who owned the property where their accident happened knew about the dangerous conditions that harmed the victim.

This post is not provided as legal guidance or counsel on any legal topic. It offers a general overview of one aspect that is important to premises liability claims. Any individual who is harmed in a slip-and-fall or premises liability accident can talk to a trusted personal injury attorney about their legal options.

The role of knowledge in a premise liability case

Individuals who own property have a duty to keep their properties safe when they allow others to enter upon it. For example, if a homeowner hosts a party and invites their neighbors to enter their house, they have a duty to ensure that there are no hidden dangers that the know about which may pose harm to their guests. The key here is knowledge. If a homeowner does not know about a hidden danger, and has no reason to know about it as a reasonable property owner, then it may be harder for a victim to prove that the homeowner was negligent in the maintenance of their premises.

Proving a claim for premises liability losses

Claims based on premises liability personal injury losses can be difficult to prove. Often they find success in the facts and pleadings that victims and their attorneys prepare. A dedicated personal injury attorney can be an asset to a person who has been harmed on the property of another individual.

Knowledge is an important element of a premises liability claim, but it is not the only thing a victim must demonstrate to be successful. To begin learning about the details of personal injury claims in Indiana, victims can discuss their possible cases with their trusted legal representatives.



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