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How drivers can help ensure the safety of bicyclists

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents

As the weather continues to warm up, people in Indiana will be spending more and more time outside, enjoying the nice weather. There are many activities that people do while they are outside and one of those activities is riding their bicycles. People may do this to get exercise or as a way to spend time with their friends or family. Others may ride their bicycles every day as their primary way to get to the various places they need to go throughout the day.

No matter what the reason for riding their vehicle, they will find themselves interacting with other traffic on the roads. It is important that bicyclists take certain safety precautions when doing this because when they are involved in bicycle accidents with other vehicles, it can be particularly devastating for the bicyclists. There is very little protection for the bicyclists and the injuries they suffer can be severe. These injuries can potentially permanently change people’s lives.

Tips for drivers to safely share the road

There are different ways bicyclists can help keep themselves safe, but the drivers of the other vehicles also play an important role in preventing accidents with bicyclists. One way they can do this is to yield to the bicyclists when making turns. This includes taking an extra look before turning right at red lights to check for bicyclists coming on sidewalks or in the road. Drivers should give bicyclists extra room when they pass them and do not drive too close to them when driving behind them.

There will be more and more bicyclists on the roads now in Indiana. Drivers play an important role in keeping them safe on the roads. If drivers do cause bicycle accidents they may be required to compensate the victim. This could include compensation for the medical bills and costs, lost income and other damages the victim suffers as a result. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these injuries can be and may be a useful resource.


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