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What to do if you are injured while visiting Indianapolis

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Car Accidents

When traveling from another state to Indianapolis for business or vacation, getting seriously injured in a car accident is the last thing you want to happen. Unfortunately, auto accidents can happen when you are far from home. If you do get into a crash, the fact that you do not live in Indiana can complicate your claim for compensation.

For one thing, Indiana law controls the limits of a collision insurance claim, not the state where you live or where your vehicle is insured. This means that Indiana’s policy limits dictate what you can recover, which can be important if the driver responsible for your injuries is also from outside of Indiana, or if they are uninsured or underinsured, and you need to make a claim on your own policy.

Will I have to go back to Indiana?

Also, if you need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get reasonable compensation for your injuries, you will have to do it in Indiana. Even if you live in a neighboring state like Illinois or Ohio, this can be an inconvenience. Even if your case settles out of court, as most personal injury suits do, you may have to come back for a deposition or court hearing. You may also have to hire an attorney licensed to practice in Indiana state court as well as U.S. District in the state. Because you live in another state, your case could end up in federal court.

Getting into a collision with a negligent driver while visiting Indianapolis can be more than a hassle. It can take away your ability to support your family financially and care for yourself. An experienced Indiana personal injury lawyer can help you improve your chances of a fair settlement or trial verdict.


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