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Fatal truck accident on U.S. 30

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Truck Accidents

We all know that our roadways throughout the state are not safe. After all, no road is safe, but even for those of us that understand this, we very rarely think that our roadways are deadly. But, that is what some families are now dealing with after a recent fatal accident.

The fatal crash

According to the Plymouth Police Department, the accident happened on a recent Tuesday, shortly before 7:30 a.m. in Plymouth on U.S. 30, just west of Oak Drive after the railroad crossing. When Marshall County 911 dispatched first responders, they found a passenger vehicle and two semis on the eastbound lanes of U.S. 30.

Reportedly, one of the trucks collided with a small SUV from behind during stop-and-go traffic. This impact pushed the SUV into another semitruck. Unfortunately, both the driver and passenger of the small SUV were called, presumably, on impact as they both were pronounced dead by the Marshall County Coroner’s Office at the scene of the fatal truck crash.

What to do after truck accidents

Immediately, call 9-1-1. Get police and ambulance out there ASAP to make sure everyone is okay. Truck accidents are commonly serious because of the size of the vehicles compared to passenger vehicles. Secure all dashboard cameras for viewing by the police. This will help them write a more complete report, which will help in any subsequent personal injury lawsuit. If there is no dashboard camera, take as many pictures as possible as soon as possible to help the police better recreate the scene for the report.

What if the victims pass?

In this case, two families are now grieving the loss of their family members because of the negligence of the semi driver. This does not mean that their families have no recourse. Even if the police do not bring criminal charges against that driver, they can still seek justice through the civil justice system through a wrongful death lawsuit. This is an option for all Indianapolis, Indiana, residents and residents of the state generally.



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