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School bus crash sends 10 to the hospital and kills 1

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

When we put our kids on the school bus, we entrust the driver and the school district will keep our children safe. But, what we often forget is that everyone on the road is in danger by just being on the road. Regardless of how safe one may driver, we cannot anticipate the negligence of other drivers. Unfortunately, many parents had to face this car accident reality recently just outside of Indianapolis.

The school bus car accident

According to Indiana State Police, the car accident occurred last Thursday after school hours, around 4:00 p.m. The Spencer-Owen Community Schools bus carrying 12 students was driving near Culross Road, northbound on State Road 67 in Owen County. At the same time, reportedly, a passenger car was driving erratically southbound on State Road 67. For unknown reasons, the driver then swerved into the northbound lane, impacting the school bus. ISP claims that the bus driver attempted evasive maneuvers to avoid the collision, but was unsuccessful.

The aftermath of the car accident

The driver of the passenger car died in the car accident, likely from the initial impact. Once ISP and first responders arrived on the scene, they took nine of the 12 students to nearby hospitals. Though, ISP believes none of their injuries are life-threatening. The bus driver was also taken to the hospital, but her condition is not known at this time.

After a car accident

For our Indianapolis, Indiana, readers that have been involved in a car accident, like the children and bus driver here, there are options. In this case, the driver of the passenger vehicle is likely primarily responsible. However, there will need to be an investigation to ensure that the bus driver (and, as a result, the Spencer-Owen Community School District) was not also responsible. It can get complicated though, especially when a governmental entity is involved, which is why we always recommend car accident victims seek help.



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