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Understanding dooring accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents

The addition of safety standards like bicycle lanes and bike safety campaigns have helped keep Indiana cyclists safer on the road with other motorists. These measures have improved safety but haven’t deterred the number of injuries sustained when cyclists and motorists collide.

Cyclists and motorists aim to share the roads; however, dooring accidents occur, and serious injuries ensue. Dooring accidents happen when drivers unwittingly open their doors in the proximity of a cyclist resulting in a collision.

When the driver opens their door unexpectedly, the cyclist is thrown from their bike and hurt. Injuries sustained like traumatic brain injury, or broken bones can result in long-term disability or death. These dooring accidents occur in high traffic areas such as urban communities and multi-lane, multi-directional roadways.

Who’s to blame in dooring accidents?

Assigning blame is a complex challenge for either party involved in a dooring accident. The inclination is to fault the driver for opening their door without verifying the coast is clear.

The other argument is that cyclists should be alert and aware of motorists operating their automobiles. If a cyclist approaches a stopped car, drivers can argue that cyclists should ensure the driver or passengers aren’t exiting the vehicle. Proving a dooring accident claim against the motorist requires strong evidence, which can be difficult to gather.

How to file a dooring accident claim against a motorist?

Filing a dooring accident claim should be done as soon as you can file. It’s wise to call the police to the accident scene and make a report. Gathering evidence is time-consuming, so be aware of any court filing deadlines and how to request extensions when needed.


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