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2021 brought many tragic pedestrian deaths

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents

Few people likely expect anything to go wrong when engaged in the mundane behavior of walking across the street. However, pedestrians may die in an unexpected traffic accident when walking or running in Indiana. A negligent driver could destroy a family when a vehicle hits someone running an errand. Sadly, 2021 was a terrible year for pedestrian deaths.

An unfortunate increase in pedestrian fatalities

The Governors Highway Safety Association tracks statistics related to accidents, and the data from 2021 is grim. Per the GHSA, about 7,485 pedestrians died in vehicle accidents in 2021, an 11.5% increase from 2020. The number reflects a 40-year high, and 2022 could turn out to be worse.

While the figures are surprising, the reasons for them may shock no one. Speeding was a top cause of pedestrian deaths. Drivers who hit the gas pedal and cut through an intersection after a light recently turned red put lives in danger. Even when the coast appears clear, speeding makes it challenging for a driver to react in time to avoid hitting someone.

Further dangers to pedestrians

Advancements in technology take a lot of boredom out of driving. Unfortunately, infotainment systems and integrated smartphone setups might contribute to distractions. Distracted drivers may cause deadly pedestrian accidents, as 2021’s horrible statistics show.

And sadly, despite decades of public awareness campaigns, intoxicated and other forms of impaired driving persist. These behaviors also contribute to pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

When a pedestrian dies due to a driver’s negligence, family members or others with standing may bring a wrongful death lawsuit forward. Any judgment or settlement may cover various losses. Persons injured by a reckless driver might follow the same legal path.


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