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Boating safety reports reveal fatalities in 2020

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

The number of boating accidents in Indiana and around the country is recorded every year and published. Government safety reports are available to boat owners, operators and passengers who venture into the open water regularly. The U.S. Coast Guard revealed the number of fatal accidents that occurred in 2020.

Rates of fatalities in 2020

The U.S. Coast Guard monitors and reports on boating accidents every year. They released their 2020 report that revealed 767 fatalities in boating accidents for that year. The number of fatalities increased by 26% over 2019. A leading cause of fatal accidents was operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol.

The claims process

Despite the fact that thousands of boating accidents and more than 700 fatalities occur every year, many people do not file their insurance claims properly. Most boat owners follow a series of steps that start with reporting the accident to the insurance company as quickly as possible. If theft, vandalism or any other crime occurs, the owner has to file a report to the local police department or the Coast Guard.

The next step is to review and identify all of the damage that occurred. Take photos of the damages from every angle. Avoid making repairs until after the claims adjuster inspects the damage and estimates the repair or replacement costs.

Boating accidents affect thousands of people and result in over 700 deaths per year. The Coast Guard collects monthly and annual statistics in their data. The reports help people understand the risks of boating and the importance of staying safe on the water. Statistics help safety authorities develop safer, more efficient vehicles for operation.


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