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Bicycle accidents are common in the United States

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents

One of the most dangerous accident scenarios in the U.S. and on Indiana highways and streets is bicyclists riding in close proximity of automobiles. There is any number of issues that can result in a bike accident, and many times the result is a fatality for the biker. This can be even more troublesome when the biker is actually found at fault for causing the incident. Accidents can occur at any time due to an inability to see a bicyclist in many situations. Reflector equipment on bicycles does not always work properly, and many bikes are not illuminated in the evening.

Potential causes for bike accidents

All accidents on public roads are evaluated based on fault, including bike accidents. Indiana uses modified comparative fault at the 51% fault bar level. This means that bicyclists who are largely responsible for causing bike accidents will be denied any damages for injuries or a fatality. Failure to use illuminating equipment or safety gear such as a bike helmet can impact a claim as well. Additionally, failure to follow the rules of the road or stay in designated riding areas can result in a claim denial as well.

Bike accidents by the numbers

Not all bicycle enthusiasts understand how often accidents occur involving their mode of transportation. They are easily the most unprotected and often hidden vehicles on the road, and a bike accident can even happen in a crossing lane. Not only do they occur in Indiana at a significant rate, but nationally there are over 1000 fatalities and 130,000 injuries annually.

This issue has caught the attention of many city councils across the nation, and there are currently multiple drives to improve bike safety as more people use bicycle transportation for a variety of reasons. Anyone riding a bicycle should always be very safety conscious and wear protective gear at all times, including those on mopeds.


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