Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

Indianapolis Auto Injury Attorneys Serving Victims of Drunk Drivers in Central Indiana

Even though drunk driving is against the law, there are still many drunk drivers on the road. Drunk drivers lack the reflexes and judgment needed to avoid an automobile collision.

Through our office in Indianapolis, the personal injury attorneys at Jacobs Law LLC represent drunk driving accident victims and their families, including those who suffered catastrophic injury such as spinal cord injurybrain injury, or wrongful death.

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Another advantage of retaining an experienced car accident lawyer at Jacobs Law LLC to assist you in a case involving a drunk driver, is our ability to look for additional sources of compensation for you. In many cases where there are serious injuries, such as paralysis or brain damage, the amount of insurance is insufficient to cover your current and future expenses, so we look for other sources of compensation, including dram shop liability (i.e. there may be liability from the establishment that sold the drunk driver his or her drinks).

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