Injuries Resulting From a Distracted Driver

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It is simple: A person cannot safely operate a vehicle while multitasking. Drivers must give their full concentration to the road. Unfortunately, too many people take the act of driving a car for granted. When people do not pay enough attention to the road, they can commit horrendous accidents that cause life-altering injuries. One of the most common distractions on the road today involves sending or receiving text messages while driving. This is incredibly reckless behavior. Studies have indicated that texting while driving causes greater impairment to a driver’s reaction time than drunk driving.

In July 2011, Indiana instituted a ban on texting while driving. Further, Indiana has laws on the books preventing drivers under the age of 18 from using cell phones while driving.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted driver, you have every right to demand full compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. It is important that you enlist a car accident lawyer who knows how to help you reach the full value of your claim. We are the Indianapolis personal injury attorneys of Jacobs Law LLC. Our law firm has helped many people injured by another driver’s negligence.

Devoted Legal Representation During a Difficult Time

We will make a complete investigation of your accident in order to prove the liability of the other driver. While we are going about establishing liability, we will also work with you and your doctors to establish the full extent of your injuries. Most of our client’s cases do settle prior to trial. If we have to take your case to trial in order to protect your rights, we will be ready to do so.

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