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Carpenter workingWorkplace injuries can be devastating to a family. If you cannot work, you may have significant difficulties supporting yourself and your family. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault remedy for people who have been injured in the workplace. One advantage of workers’ compensation is that you do not have to prove your employer caused your injuries. One major disadvantage of workers’ compensation is that it only pays for your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. Workers’ compensation does not provide for all of a worker’s lost income, nor does it provide for pain and suffering and other non-economic damages.

In order to receive full compensation for your injuries, someone other than your employer must be responsible for your workplace injury. In these situations, you can file what is called a third-party claim for all of your damages. Jacobs Law LLC helps working men and women who have been injured on the job file third-party claims.

Our law firm does not represent injured workers in workers’ compensation claims. Instead, we devote our practice in this area to helping people file third-party claims. If you have a personal injury claim arising out of your workplace injury, we will coordinate efforts with your workers’ compensation lawyer or refer you to one.

Making a Complete Investigation of Your Workplace Injury

Our Indianapolis workplace accident attorneys will review the cause, or causes, of your accident in order to see exactly who was at fault. For example, many construction accidents are caused by defective products, or by the negligence of a subcontractor. People who drive for their jobs can be injured in automobile accidents. If someone other than your employer is responsible or shares responsibility for your injuries, our injury law firm will be prepared take action. In every case, our primary concern will be determining how our law firm can maximize the value to your injury claim.

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