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Therapist Examining Injured KneeCar accidents—especially those involving a frontal impact— are a common cause of trauma to the lower extremities. In most personal vehicles, both rear and front seat occupants are seated in a fairly restricted area—often only inches away from the nearest hard surface. On impact, the body continues to move forward even as the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop. While seat belts significantly reduce risk of death or serious injury, they do not always prevent the impact of the body with structures inside the vehicle. For example, it’s quite common for drivers (and passengers) to strike their knees on a dashboard causing injury to the patella or the posterior collateral ligament (the PCL). Some orthopedic surgeons refer to this injury as “dashboard knee.”

The knee twisting that can also occur in side impact collisions may result in an MCL or meniscal tear—injuries that may not be initially diagnosed at the emergency room. Many knee injuries are not discovered by standard x-ray examination and require an MRI or examination by an orthopedic specialist to accurately diagnose. In addition to fractures, lower extremity injuries can include injuries to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and muscle. Internal knee joint injuries may require surgical intervention to treat symptoms of pain and instability, and to prevent or minimize degenerative changes than can result in further damage to the structures within the knee. Healthy knee cartilage is essential to the function of a normal knee, and injury that results in damage or degenerative changes to this cartilage can lead to future problems such as the pain and immobility of arthritis.

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