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Each year over 12 million auto accidents occur in the U.S. according to the National Safety Council, which involves over 20 million different vehicles. Of these incidents, an estimated 2 million result in severe injury such as permanent disability as well as wrongful death. A skilled Indianapolis Motorcycle & Truck Accident Lawyer from Jacobs Law, LLC understands the various aspects of truck and motorcycle related cases and can help to handle any issue that is the result of another driver’s negligence or recklessness. Our attorneys can help any personal injury victim in the state of Indian, assisting them in obtaining the compensation they are entitled to.

Truck Accidents

Truck Accident picDuring 2012 fatalities from semi-truck accidents reached 3,921 in reference to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This represents a total increase of four percent from 2011 when the fatalities were 3,781. Additionally, in 2012, there were 3,921 people killed and 104,000 individuals injured in semi-truck accidents throughout the U.S., and an estimated 333,000 commercial vehicles were involved in traffic crashes in some way in that same year.

Because of the sheer size and weight of the majority of semi-trucks, the accidents are even more dangerous, frequently resulting in serious personal injuries and wrongful death situation. Each year, there are thousands of people who suffer an injury due to a commercial vehicle accident and are not able to acquire the compensation they deserve. In most cases, large commercial trucking companies have a large team of powerful injury lawyers, investigators and insurance adjusters working to minimize the settlement that is offered. When you contact Jacobs Law, LLC, our injury and truck accident attorneys will help to balance the scale and recover a fair amount of damages for your injury.

Other drivers should always be aware that semi-trucks have certain braking, visibility, and turning limitations. There are a number of incidents that take place due to these limitations. Other causes of truck accidents include traveling at speeds that are not safe, drunk driving, operating in conditions that are unsafe, trucks with overloaded or over-sized trailers, fatigue or negligence.

If you would like to have the best chance of maximizing your recovery after being injured in a truck accident, it is important to contact Jacobs Law, LLC right away. We can help you to hold the careless, reckless, or negligent driver liable for your injuries or help you to determine if another party may be liable for the accident such as the trucking company, the manufacturer, the mechanic, or the owner of the cargo.

Motorcycle Accidents

Indiana Motorcycle Accident picDue to the open nature of motorcycles, they put drivers at a higher risk of injuries and death than traditional automobiles. This is based mainly on the fact that motorcycles do not possess any of the protective features offered by other vehicles. When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident some of the most common injuries that can occur include the loss of arms and legs, other broken bones, injuries to the spinal cord, brain injuries and even wrongful death. The majority of accidents involving motorcycles involve additional issues, such as: tires and brakes that are defective, adverse weather conditions, reckless driving or negligence. Statistics have also shown that in 2012 up to 10 times more motorcyclists died as a result of not wearing a helmet in the states that had not implemented the universal helmet law than the states that had put this law into effect.

In a number of situations, motorcycle accidents involve a number of state or insurance regulations. This is why it is crucial that you find legal counsel from personal injury and accident lawyers who have experience in motorcycle related accidents and injuries. By contacting Jacobs Law, LLC you will have a team of dedicated lawyers who will ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you receive adequate medical care.

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